Monday, August 17, 2009

Minneapolis zine fest 2009

New zines that debuted:
-Independent post 9-11 8-bit game reviews by Gordon Byrd
-Burning Emotions by Taylor Motari
-Failed super hero comic by Taylor Motari (personal favorite)
-Moth Clan 3 by yours truly
-Gulo 3&4 by Brandon Thompson
-Zero Cool #2 by Rachle Hamilton
-Ella Von Holtum's zines (more on her works later)

Highlights of this years zine fest:
-making trades and seeing all of our zine friends (Abbey Mullen, Ed Choy Moorman, Monica Anderson, Lacey P, Gerald Prokop, Tuesday Bassen, Sarah Morean, Will Dinski, Ella/Hedge, ETC)
-making new zine friends
-nervous zine readings and Monica's Minneapolis zine documentary
-Joe Biel of Microcosm held a small publishing workshop in the garden
-secretly watching Ed Choy Moorman schmooze it up from across the room (wink, ED)
-tabling next to Ella Von Holtum creator of Cat Scratch zine and one of the hardest zine makers I know
-the zine fest show at Arise! with Gerald Prokop, Bla Bla Black sheep, and zombie season

Gordon and I stayed up all night to finish our zines and then played the show afterwords finally going to bed at 11. We stayed up somewhere around 36 hours and by the end of it we were feeling pretty loopy. All in the name of love for zines!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Here we Hark!

Welcome to the Hark! Press BLOG (WEBSITE)
I decided to start this to keep track of all the Hark happenings and makings and to serve as a website which I can conveniently update myself. I will update this with all of the hark press family zines, books, artworks and apparently I can put nice little pay pal buttons everywhere. WHO NEEDS A DOT COM! I am now fully equipped and organized to do this and put these little collective bits into the universe! SEEYAH